Jonah Hex2_LEMIREI was lucky enough to collaborate with award-winning cartoonist and writer Jeff Lemire for the creation of Jonah Hex #69, to tell what I think was one of the more personal and important stories of the run. In going through old emails today I found this piece of art he sent to me some 8 years ago.

In issue #69, Jonah Hex overhears a group of cutthroats planning to rob a man who has just found a small fortune in gold after a lifetime of searching. Hex heads out to stop the men, but when he catches up with the gang, he finds they’re already dead, and the unknown man is dying alongside them. Jonah knows this dying man – it’s his father, Woodson Hex. Woodson asks Jonah for help or at least a sip of booze, but Jonah informs him that he has arrived merely to watch him die.

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